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Selling Your Sacramento House is Really that Easy!

If you have to sell quickly and need cash, follow these How it Works steps can cut the time down to less than 2 weeks! We will show you exactly how the entire process of selling your house to a cash home buyer works. From start to finish you’ll know exactly what to expect. Here are the details of how the entire house buying process works from beginning to end.

5 Simple Steps To Sell Your House

Find a Cash Home Buyer

A person, company, typically it is a real estate investor that are cash home buyers. They are able to offer cash and do not need financing from a lender, bank, lender, or other 3rd party financial institutions. A Google search for “Sacramento Cash Home Buyers”, “We Buy Houses Sacramento“, or other searches along these lines will provide you with options.

Time for Research

Because all cash buyers are not the same by offering different amounts of cash since they often calculate their offers differently. Check out the website and the reviews listed by previous clients. You are looking for all the facts, so if the websites are vague with their information and are unprofessional continue to research for a company that will provide you with all the details being totally transparent.

Contact the Cash Buyer

When you choose a cash home buyer, which is hopefully us, then you just have to provide your contact and home details to get your cash offer started. Typically the information needed is, your best contact information, the property address, and a few details about the current condition of the house and/or any repairs that are needed.

Set an Appointment

Once the details are received, an appointment is usually made to walk the property together. After the walkthrough, which can be virtual, your cash offer is prepared and discussed. These cash offers are free and are at no cost to you! Most reputable cash house buyers will give you time to think over the cash offer.

Set a Date for Closing

If you accept the cash offer, then you just choose a convenient closing date. The closing will be held at a local closing attorney or title company. This is when you will receive the cash, in the form of a certified check or wire transfer, for your house. It is that simple to sell your house to a cash home buyer!

How Do We Make Our Offers To Buy Your Sacramento Home?

If our offer is not the one you accept, it is typically because you got a better offer, so we always provide the highest cash offer possible so you accept our cash offer. Our offer is based on a simple formula:

YOUR CASH OFFER = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit)

Here is a detailed description how it works. Each of these 4 factors we use to consider when calculating our offers.

After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value that your house will sell for AFTER we buy and repair the house.  This figure is calculated from taking all the comparable, recent home sales in your neighborhood.

Cost of Repairs (COR): This is the total cost to make the repairs on the house, which will be done AFTER we buy your home, that we found during the walkthrough. Most of the homes we buy require some sort of repairs or improvements like a new roof, new floor, new HVAC, new plumbing, some painting, etc.

Our Selling Cost: We buy homes without using agents, however, me must use an agent to sell the house again which will be an additional cost we consider during the cash offer calculation.  These additional costs will include the agent commissions fees, closing costs, property taxes, holding costs, etc. These are all fees that you are NOT responsible for if you choose to sell your house to us. This amount is typically 10% of our total selling price. (Our Selling Cost = 10% x ARV)

Our Minimum Profit: We have to make a small profit too so we can stay in business and keep buying more homes for cash. We also use this money to cover our other costs like our staff, contractors, office expenses, etc. We keep our profit margins to a bare minimum in order to provide you with our highest possible offer so you will choose us to work with when it is time to sell your Sacramento Home.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Numbers!

As Is Value = $207K

ARV (After Repair Value) = $330K

COR (Cost of Repairs)= $80K

Our Selling Cost= 10%x $330K = $33K

Let say Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $40K

[Your Offer] =  [ARV] – [COR] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $330K – $80K – $33K – $40K = $177K
Your Cash Offer = $177K

Comparing The Offer

If you put your house on the market by listing with an agent, you could sell it for $207K.  After you pay 6% in agent fees and closing costs you probably get $190K after 4 or 5 months with no guarantee the house will sell.

So now you have to make a decide.

Sell it for a guaranteed sale for $177K in as little as 14-21 days, or “maybe it will sell” for $190K hopefully within 4 to 5 months.

It’s all about the numbers. We do not make offers based on a percentage of the After Repaired Value, and we do not make offers based on how desperate you may or may not be.

We simply add the numbers up, giving you the highest possible cash offer we can. We want you to choose our cash offer!

Wonder What Your Numbers Look Like?

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